Media Arts 12

Curricular Competencies

Explore and create

Create media art using sensory inspiration, imagination, and inquiry

Examine artistic possibilities and take creative risks, using various sources of inspiration

Refine skills and techniques from various styles and genres

Examine established, new, and emerging technologies used in media arts

Create innovative media artworks for a specific audience with an audience

Refine skills and techniques in creating media artworks

Demonstrate innovation in creating media artworks and resolving creative challenges

Reason and reflect

Recognize and engage in the reciprocal process of a critique

Interpret and evaluate, using discipline-specific language, how artists use materials, technologies, processes, and environments in media arts

Recognize and evaluate creative choices in the planning, making, interpreting, and analyzing of media artworks

Refine personal answers to aesthetic questions

Examine the influences of a variety of contexts on artistic works

Communicate and document

Document, share, and engage with media artworks in a variety of contexts

Communicate ideas and express emotions through art making

Demonstrate respect for self, others, and place through art making

Investigate and respond to social and environmental issues and values using media art

Connect and expand

Demonstrate personal and social responsibility associated with creating, perceiving, and responding in media arts

Create artistic works to reflect personal voice, story, and values

Examine the reciprocal relationships between media arts, culture, and society

Evaluate personal, educational, and professional opportunities in media arts and related fields

Engage in digital citizenship throughout the creative process

Connect with others on a local, national, or global scale through media arts

Demonstrate safe and responsible use of materials, tools,and work space

MediaSmarts Resources


elements and principles of design

image development strategies

media technologies

standards-compliant technology

a variety of image sources and genres

terminology used in media arts

a range of materials, processes, and techniques

media production skills to enhance, alter, or shape technical elements of a project:

  • preproduction
  • production
  • postproduction

symbols and metaphors

influences of visual culture in media arts

local, national, global, and intercultural media artists and genres

ethical, moral, and legal considerations associated with media arts technology

moral rights, and the ethics of cultural appropriation and plagiarism

health and safety protocols and procedures

MediaSmarts Resources