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Digital Literacy Framework

In this section, teachers can access digital literacy classroom resources aligned with curriculum outcomes set out by their province or territory.  Also included is a comprehensive study of the current state of digital literacy education in Canada. 

Digital and Media Literacy Outcomes by Province & Territory

This section provides detailed information on media education for each province and territory, information on provincial/territorial media education organizations, and a listing of media education curricular outcomes, by grade, with links to supporting MediaSmarts resources.

These PD and classroom tutorials are available through a licensing arrangement to provincial/territorial departments, school boards, schools, post-secondary institutions and public library systems. They are updated annually.

Media educators base their teaching on key concepts of media literacy, which provide an effective foundation for examining mass media and popular culture. These key concepts act as filters that any media text has to go through in order for us to respond.

While MediaSmarts’ research shows that teachers place considerable importance on teaching their students digital literacy skills such as authenticating information, managing privacy, addressing cyberbullying, and being safe online, evidence suggests this is not reflected in Canadian classrooms. The intent of these resources is to support teachers in implementing digital literacy into their teaching practice and to help them to develop digital literacy lessons and activities that suit their students’ needs.

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Digital & Media Literacy Fundamentals

What does it mean to be literate in today’s complex media culture? Here we explore the underlying aspects and principles of digital and media literacy, bringing together various concepts and competencies.

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