Digital Media Literacy

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General Information

Welcome to our digital and media literacy section. This is where you will find information on various topics relating to media, youth, and the Internet. Feel free to brows these sections or use the navigation bar at the top to find a specific topic.

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Media Issues

More often than not, we're assigned a gender identity before we're even born, and media provide a lot of the messages we get about that identity. In this section, we unpack some of the media's baggage around gender.

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Digital Issues

Internet and mobile communications technologies offer a wealth of opportunities for fun, learning, and exploration. They also present parents and teachers with a host of concerns and worries. In this section, you can find resources on how to tackle these issues in a positive way.

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Educational Games

Educational computer games that introduce kids to key ideas in media and digital literacy. These games are a great way to start a conversation on media issues in the home or classroom, and you can play most of them right here on our website.

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e-Tutorials and workshops for parents, teachers and anyone interested in media issues affecting youth. These free resources cover a wide-range of topics including managing Internet use in the home, diversity representation and online hate.