Outcome Chart - British Columbia - Theatre Company 10

Curricular Competencies

Explore and create

  • Explore and demonstrate a repertoire of theatre vocabulary, skills, and conventions,
  • through presentation or performance
  • Explore dramatic works using imagination, observation, and inquiry
  • Purposefully select and combine drama conventions with an intended audience in mind
  • Take creative risks to express ideas, meaning, and emotions
  • Explore a range of theatre experiences

Reason and reflect

  • Receive and apply feedback during the rehearsal and performance process
  • Describe and respond using drama-specific language
  • Develop an awareness of self, the audience, the company, and place
  • Develop and refine performance based on self-reflection, audience response,
  • and director feedback
  • Reflect on personal experiences to make connections in dramatic works

Communicate and document

  • Share and respond to creative works
  • Communicate ideas through a theatre production
  • Express personal voice and perspectives through character development

Connect and expand

  • Demonstrate personal and social responsibility associated with creating, performing, and responding to dramatic performance
  • Explore First Peoples perspectives and knowledge, other ways of knowing, and local cultural knowledge to gain understanding through dramatic works
  • Explore ways in which drama impacts cultures and society

MediaSmarts Resources


  • elements, principles, techniques, vocabulary, and symbols in drama
  • drama forms
  • strategies and techniques to support creative processes
  • characterization
  • stage etiquette
  • dramatic conventions, performers, and movements
  • a variety of drama genres and/or styles
  • movement, sound, image, and form
  • roles and responsibilities within a theatre company
  • contributions of innovative artists from a variety of genres
  • traditional and contemporary First Peoples worldviews and cross-cultural perspectives communicated through drama
  • ethics of cultural appropriation and plagiarism

MediaSmarts Resources