Outcome Chart - British Columbia - Studio Arts 2D 10

Curricular Competencies

Explore and create

  • Create two-dimensional (2D) artistic works using sensory inspiration, imagination,
  • and inquiry
  • Design, create, and refine 2D artistic works
  • Create 2D artistic works with an audience in mind
  • Explore artistic possibilities and take creative risks
  • Express meaning, intent, and emotion through 2D artistic works
  • Develop and refine artistic skills and techniques in a range of styles and movements
  • Demonstrate safe and responsible use of materials, tools, and work space

Reason and reflect

  • Identify ways to resolve creative challenges
  • Describe and analyze how artists use materials, technologies, processes, and environments in art making
  • Recognize and evaluate design choices in artistic works
  • Develop personal answers to aesthetic questions
  • Reflect on the influences of a variety of contexts on artistic works

Communicate and document

  • Document, share, and appreciate 2D artistic works in a variety of contexts
  • Demonstrate respect for self, others, and place
  • Communicate and respond to social and environmental issues through artistic works

Connect and expand

  • Create artistic works that demonstrate personal, cultural, and historical contexts
  • Explore First Peoples perspectives and knowledge, other ways of knowing, and local cultural knowledge through 2D artistic works
  • Explore the relationships between 2D artistic works, culture, and society

MediaSmarts Resources


  • elements of visual art
  • principles of design
  • image development strategies
  • materials, technologies, and processes
  • creative processes
  • use of symbols and metaphors to represent ideas and perspectives
  • role of the artist and audience
  • influence of visual culture on self-perception and identity
  • traditional and contemporary First Peoples worldviews, stories, and practices, as expressed through 2D artistic works
  • role of 2D artistic works in social justice issues
  • contributions of traditional, innovative, and
  • inter-cultural artists
  • ethics of cultural appropriation and plagiarism

MediaSmarts Resources