Outcome Chart - British Columbia - Theatre Production 10

Curricular Competencies

Explore and create

  • Explore and create theatre productions using imagination, observation, and inquiry
  • Intentionally select and combine production elements with an intended audience or effect in mind
  • Explore the utility of a range of props, processes, and technologies
  • Explore the variety of roles that support a production team
  • Demonstrate innovation in production design

Reason and reflect

  • Plan and refine theatre productions
  • Receive and apply feedback to develop and refine ideas
  • Describe and respond to artistic works using discipline-specific language
  • Reflect on production development and make connections with other experiences

Communicate and document

  • Demonstrate personal and social responsibility associated with creating, performing, and responding to theatre performance
  • Document and respond to creative works and experiences in a variety of contexts
  • Communicate ideas and emotions through design
  • Express cultural identity and perspectives through theatre production
  • Demonstrate respect for self, others, and the audience
  • Respond to social and environmental issues using production elements

Connect and expand

  • Use design to enhance stories with a specific place, time, and context
  • Explore First Peoples perspectives and knowledge, other ways of knowing, and local cultural knowledge to gain understanding through theatre production
  • Explore ways in which theatre production can impact culture and society

MediaSmarts Resources


  • production design, technical theatre, and theatre management
  • elements, techniques, vocabulary, skills, and symbols in drama
  • elements of design, principles of design,
  • and image development strategies
  • strategies and techniques that support creative processes
  • movement, sound, image, and form
  • the influences of time and place on
  • drama forms
  • production roles
  • the roles of performers, crew, and audience
  • in a variety of contexts
  • traditional and contemporary First Peoples worldviews and cross-cultural perspectives communicated through theatre
  • potential hazards in the classroom and theatre environments
  • ethics of cultural appropriation and plagiarism

MediaSmarts Resources