Photography 11

Students are expected to be able to do the following:

Explore and create

  • Take creative risks to express meaning, intent, and emotion through photography
  • Intentionally select and combine materials, processes, and image-making technologies to convey ideas
  • Create photographic images for a specific audience

Communicate and document

  • Communicate about and respond to social and environmental issues through photography

Connect and expand

  • Create photographs that reflect personal, cultural, social, environmental, and historical contexts
  • Explore First Peoples perspectives, knowledge, and protocols; other ways of knowing, and local cultural knowledge through photography
  • Explore the reciprocal relationships between photography, culture, and society
  • Engage in digital citizenship throughout the photographic process
  • Demonstrate safe and responsible use of materials, equipment, and work space

MediaSmarts Resources


Students are expected to know the following:

  • roles of photographer and viewer
  • influences of visual culture in social and other media
  • moral rights, and the ethics of cultural appropriation and plagiarism
  • health and safety protocols and procedures

MediaSmarts Resources