Resources for Teachers - Marketing & Consumerism

The Anatomy of Cool - Lesson

This lesson helps students become more aware of the media's role in determining what, and who, are perceived as being cool.

Adversmarts: Introduction to Food Advertising Online

In this lesson, students are introduced to the idea of online advertising and look at the ways that marketers create immersive and appealing online environments that draw and hold children’s attention. After studying common advertising techniques, students play an educational online game that lets them put their learning into action by “creating” a site advertising a fictitious cereal, Co-Co Crunch.

Looking At Food Advertising - Lesson

This lesson introduces students to the ways in which advertising can affect their food choices.

Kids, Alcohol and Advertising - Lesson 3: Understanding Brands

Understanding Brands is the third in this series and is intended as a stepping stone to Lesson 4, Interpreting Media Messages. In this lesson, students learn about the importance of branding for developing customer loyalty and recognition of products.

Talking to kids about advertising

Today's kids have become the most marketed-to generation in history, due to their spending power and their future influence as adult consumers. By talking to kids about advertising - how it works and how they're targeted - we can help them to become more savvy as consumers and more resistant to the pressures to be "cool."