Co-Co's AdverSmarts

Co-CoThis interactive unit is designed to help kids between the ages of 5 and 8 recognize the marketing techniques used on commercial websites that target children. 

In the activity, kids meet Co-Co Crunch, a popular cereal who needs help designing a new website. Players help to create the website by selecting a series of special features. After each feature is selected, Co-Co explains how marketers use the feature to improve the popularity of the site and foster brand loyalty. Co-Co’s AdverSmarts helps kids recognize these virtual playgrounds for what they really are - prolonged and interactive commercials.

Before Playing

It is strongly recommended that parents and teachers preview the unit. Young children may need assistance with the language and concepts of the unit. MediaSmarts has prepared the document Co-Co’s AdverSmarts: Background information for parents and teachers to provide background information on marketing techniques used in online advertising environments, as well as suggestions for playing the game with children.

Play Co-Co's AdverSmarts