Resources for Teachers - Marketing & Consumerism

Sports Personalities in Advertising

In this lesson students explore the relationship between athletes and advertising through a number of different activities.

Image Gap - Lesson

This lesson helps students understand how self-image can influence lifestyle choices.

Don’t Drink and Drive: Assessing the Effectiveness of Anti-Drinking Campaigns - Lesson

In this lesson, students explore a variety of anti-drinking and alcohol awareness campaigns in order to determine their effectiveness. Students will deconstruct the different approaches that have been used by various organizations to reach teens and young adults and will debate those techniques that are most likely to resonate with youth. In a summative activity, groups of students create and implement an alcohol awareness campaign for students.

Truth or Money - Lesson

In this lesson, students explore how advertising leverage can lead to censorship of information about public health issues.

Favourite Sports and Athletes: Introduction to Sports Media - Lesson

This lesson develops a beginning awareness by students of how they feel towards, and respond to, different sports, and how the media represents athletics.