Resources for Teachers - Marketing & Consumerism

Tobacco Labels

In this lesson, students debate the effectiveness of health warning labels on tobacco products.

Marketing to Teens: Marketing Tactics - Lesson

This activity helps teenagers develop an awareness of marketing tactics aimed at teens through the creation of their own mock advertising campaigns.

Alcohol on the Web - Lesson

In this lesson, students explore issues surrounding the marketing of alcoholic beverages on the Internet.

Talking to kids about advertising

Today's kids have become the most marketed-to generation in history, due to their spending power and their future influence as adult consumers. By talking to kids about advertising - how it works and how they're targeted - we can help them to become more savvy as consumers and more resistant to the pressures to be "cool."

Printable activities for younger children

These printable activity sheets introduce basic media literacy skills and concepts and are suitable for use in homes, schools and libraries. They can be completed independently, but children will learn more if you discuss the activities with them. Younger children may need help reading the instructions and completing some activities.