Resources for Teachers - Marketing & Consumerism

Sex in Advertising - Lesson

To introduce students to the use and prevalence of sexuality in advertising.

Relationships and Sexuality in the Media

In this lesson, students learn to question media representations of gender, relationships and sexuality. After a brief “myth busting” quiz about relationships in the media and a reminder of the constructed nature of media products, the teacher leads the class in an analysis of the messages about gender, sex and relationships communicated by beer and alcohol ads. Students analyze the messages communicated by their favourite media types and then contrast it with their own experience.

What do Halloween costumes say?

This activity, adaptable across grades, is designed to help students look critically at the Halloween costumes marketed to them.

Watching the elections

Joe McGinniss’ book The Selling of the President had a shocking title for 1968, suggesting as it did that in the television age the presidency had become nothing more than another product to be packaged and sold. MediaSmarts’ resource, Watching the Elections (a lesson for Grades 8-12), shines a light on how the different aspects of an election – from the debates to political ads to the candidates themselves – are actually media products.

Sports Personalities in Advertising

In this lesson students explore the relationship between athletes and advertising through a number of different activities.