British Columbia - Economics 12

Big Ideas

Financial and economic literacy promotes the financial and economic well-being of both individuals and businesses.

Business creates opportunities to enable change.

Tools and technologies can be adapted for specific purposes.

Curricular Competency

Students are expected to be able to do the following:

Applied skills:

Evaluate safety issues for themselves, co-workers, and users in both physical and digital environments

Identify and critically assess the skills needed related to current or projected tasks, and develop specific plans to learn or refine skills over time

Demonstrate the ability to make responsible economic decisions as individuals and as members of society

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Applied technologies:

Explore existing, new, and emerging tools, technologies, and systems to further support facts and findings

Evaluate impacts, including unintended negative consequences, of choices made about technology use

Analyze the role and personal, interpersonal, social, and environmental impacts of technologies in societal change

Examine and analyze how cultural beliefs, values, and ethical positions affect the economics of the development and use of technologies on a national and global level

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