Media Design 12

Curricular Competencies

Students are expected to be able to do the following:

Applied Technologies

  • Explore existing, new, and emerging tools, technologies, and systems to evaluate their suitability for design interests
  • Evaluate impacts, including unintended negative consequences, of choices made about technology use
  • Analyze the role technologies play in societal change
  • Examine how cultural beliefs, values, and ethical positions affect the development and use of technologies

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Students are expected to know the following:

  • design opportunities
  • media technologies for image development and design and for manipulating selected visual elements
  • media production to enhance, alter, or shape the technical elements of a project development, maintenance, and evolution of voice in storytelling
  • ethical, moral, and legal considerations associated with using media arts technology for image, video, and sound development, including cultural appropriation
  • image-development strategies and image manipulation in order to create, respond to, or challenge design problems role of media design in reflecting, sustaining, and challenging beliefs and traditions
  • ways in which content and form influence and are influenced by historical, social, and cultural contexts
  • ways that innovative technologies reflect the complexity of social, environmental, and ethical concerns of the 21st century
  • developments in media design that incorporate the audience as active participants in the construction and evolution of content
  • characteristics and influences of various designers, movements, and periods
  • ways to use elements of design and principles of design to convey a message, create an effect, and/or influence personal preference
  • technical, stylistic, symbolic, and cultural influences and their intentional use to target audiences
  • use of form, content, and visual and sound effects to achieve a specific emotional response in a target audience
  • media use for social advocacy and for exploration of First Peoples perspectives in Canada
  • design for the life cycle
  • interpersonal skills, including ways to interact with clients
  • appropriate use of technology, including digital citizenship, etiquette, and literacy

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