British Columbia - Technology Explorations 10

Big Ideas

User needs and interests drive the design process.

Social, ethical, and sustainability considerations impact design.

Technologies help us accomplish many specific tasks in our lives.

Curricular Competency

Students are expected to be able to do the following:

Applied design

  • Understanding context
    • Engage in a period of research and empathetic observation
  • Defining
    • Identify potential users and relevant contextual factors
    • Identify criteria for success, intended impact, and any constraints for a chosen design opportunity
    • Determine whether activity is collaborative or self-directed
  • Ideating
    • Take creative risks in generating ideas and add to others’ ideas in ways that enhance them
    • Identify and use sources of inspiration
    • Screen ideas against criteria and constraints
    • Critically analyze and prioritize competing factors to meet community needs for preferred futures
    • Maintain an open mind about potentially viable ideas
  • Prototyping
    • Choose a form for prototyping and develop a plan that includes key stages and resources
    • Evaluate a variety of materials for effective use and potential for reuse, recycling, and biodegradability
    • Prototype, making changes to tools, materials, and procedures as needed
    • Record iterations of prototyping
  • Testing
    • Identify sources of feedback
    • Develop an appropriate test
    • Conduct the test, collect and compile data, evaluate data, and decide on changes
  • Making
    • Identify and use appropriate tools, technologies, materials, and processes
    • Make a step-by-step plan and carry it out, making changes as needed
    • Use materials in ways that minimize waste
  • Sharing
    • Decide on how and with whom to share  product and processes
    • Demonstrate product to users and critically evaluate its success
    • Identify new design goals

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Applied technologies

Choose, adapt, and if necessary learn more about appropriate tools and technologies to use for tasks

Evaluate impacts, including unintended negative consequences, of choices made about technology use

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