Business Computer Applications 12

Curriculum Competencies

Students are expected to be able to do the following:

Applied Design

  • Conduct research to determine the product best suited to the application
  • Choose a direction and point of view for the task at hand
  • Identify potential users, intended impact, and possible unintended negative consequences
  • Make decisions about premises and boundaries that define the task at hand
  • Identify gaps to explore options with the goal of enhancing the potential of the product
  • Generate ideas, individually and collaboratively, to contribute to the creation of a business product
  • Prioritize ideas for drafting a sample product for the task
  • Identify, critique, and use a variety of sources of inspiration and information
  • Outline and design a draft approach based on research, premises, and boundaries
  • Create and use complex business applications to support business and client needs
  • Record and track iterations of work generated
  • Obtain and evaluate critical feedback from multiple sources, both initially and over time
  • Based on feedback received and evaluated, make changes to business application products or processes as needed
  • Engage in problem-solving practices by applying appropriate skills
  • to discover optimal solution(s) based on prevailing circumstances
  • Identify tools, technologies, materials, processes, and time needed for development and implementation
  • Use project management processes when working individually or collaboratively to create processes or products
  • Share progress to increase feedback and collaboration
  • Create projects that use integrated business software applications
  • Critically evaluate their ability to work effectively, both individually and collaboratively

Applied Skills

  • Choose an appropriate form, scale, and level of detail for
  • communicating outcomes in a clear and concise manner
  • Identify and critically assess skills needed related to current or projected tasks, and develop specific plans to learn or refine skills over time
  • Evaluate safety issues for themselves, co-workers, and users in both physical and digital environments
  • Evaluate and apply a framework for problem solving

Applied Technologies

  • Explore existing, new, and emerging tools, technologies, and systems and evaluate their suitability for the task at hand
  • Evaluate impacts, including unintended negative consequences, of choices made about technology use
  • Analyze the role and personal, interpersonal, social, and environmental impacts of technologies in societal change
  • Identify appropriate tools, technologies, materials, processes, and time needed for production, and where/how these could be made available
  • Use tools and technologies for efficiency
  • Use business productivity software to manipulate data and find solutions to business problems
  • Resolve simple problems that may be encountered while using a computer and undertake basic troubleshooting

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