Outcome Chart - British Columbia - Applied Design, Skills and Technologies K-3

This outcome chart contains media-related learning outcomes from the BC Applied Design, Skills and Technologies K-3 curriculum, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site.

Curricular Competencies

Applied Design


Identify needs and opportunities for designing, through exploration

Generate ideas from their experiences and interests

Add to others’ ideas

Choose an idea to pursue


Choose tools and materials

Make a product using known procedures or through modelling of others

Use trial and error to make changes, solve problems, or incorporate new ideas from self or others


Decide on how and with whom to share their product

Demonstrate their product, tell the story of designing and making their product, and explain how their product contributes to the individual, family, community, and/or environment

Use personal preferences to evaluate the success of their design solutions

Reflect on their ability to work effectively both as individuals and collaboratively in a group

MediaSmarts Resources

Adversmarts: Introduction to Food Advertising Online

Adversmarts: Understanding Food Advertising Online

Internet Time Capsule

Representing Ourselves Online

Teaching TV: Film Production: Who Does What?

Applied Skills

Use materials, tools, and technologies in a safe manner in both physical and digital environments

Develop their skills and add new ones through play and collaborative work

MediaSmarts Resources

Rules of the Game

Applied Technologies

Explore the use of simple, available tools and technologies to extend their capabilities


MediaSmarts Resources

Can You Spot the Ad?

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