Outcome Chart - British Columbia - Family and Society 10

Applied Technologies

  • Choose, adapt, and if necessary learn more about appropriate tools and technologies to use for tasks
  • Evaluate impacts, including unintended negative consequences, of choices made about technology use
  • Evaluate the influences of social, cultural, and environmental conditions on the development and use of tools and technologies

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  • service design opportunities for individuals and families across their lifespan
  • cultural factors used to define the term “family”
  • societal influences and impacts on families
  • family and relationship dynamics, challenges families face, both locally and internationally, including strategies for taking action, special caregiving issues, and access to resources
  • social factors involved in interpersonal relationships in families
  • the role of children in families and society, including the rights of children locally and globally
  • variety of living arrangements and housing options for individuals and families
  • service strategies for individuals, families, and/or groups
  • cultural sensitivity and etiquette, including ethics of cultural appropriation
  • problem-solving models

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