MediaSmarts and Facebook Tackle False News in Canadian Initiative

MediaSmarts is partnering with Facebook Canada to help Canadians become better informed readers in the digital age. False online content isn't a new problem, and it's not unique to Facebook, but it is up to all of us to fight it. Many of us lack the search, authentication and critical thinking skills we need to find accurate information online and to recognize false or misleading content. That’s why MediaSmarts has partnered with Facebook to help build the authentication skills of all Canadians.

To launch this initiative, MediaSmarts has created a tip sheet: How to recognize false content online – the new 5 Ws. The resource provides advice on how to identify hoaxes and other false content, for youth and adults alike.

In conjunction, Facebook will be launching a new educational tool that will be featured at the top of people's News Feeds in 15 countries, including Canada, in English and in French. More information on the tool is available from the Facebook Help Center.

This is just the start: Both MediaSmarts and Facebook are committed to bringing more news literacy resources to Canadians. Start learning authentication skills today by exploring our new tip sheet!

Explore the tip sheet

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