New online resources for teachers

The Web is full of great online resources for teachers and students, with new material appearing every day. With the beginning of the school year approaching, teachers may be looking for some entertaining ways to help ease the transition from summer to classroom. Here's a quick overview of recently created (or recently discovered) resources that may help:

Youth Privacy Online: Take Control, Make It Your Choice

It's been noted more than once that for young people, the Internet is an essentially social environment: besides activities such as social networking, other popular online pastimes such as multiplayer games and even file-sharing all have social components. With all the information youth are sharing online comes concerns about online privacy – and concerns, among parents and educators, about how little concern youth often have about their privacy.

Games peoples play

In ancient times the Olympics were a time when all nations – all Greek nations, anyway – would put away their differences and compete in almost every human activity, from poetry to the ferocious, no-holds barred combat sport called pankration. Being the very best that humans could be was seen as the best way to honour the gods of Olympus.