Outcome Chart - Ontario - Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Overall Expectations:

Innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship support the ability to turn ideas into action in order to meet the needs of a community. These skills include the capacity to develop concepts, ideas, or products for the purpose of contributing innovative solutions to economic, social, and environmental problems. Developing these skills involves a willingness to assume leadership roles, take risks, and engage in independent, unconventional thinking in the context of experimenting, conducting research, and exploring new strategies, techniques, and perspectives. An entrepreneurial mindset understands the importance of building and scaling ideas for sustainable growth

Specific Expectations:

Students formulate and express insightful questions and opinions to generate novel ideas.

Students contribute solutions to economic, social, and environmental problems in order to meet a need in a community by: enhancing concepts, ideas, or products through a creative process; taking risks in their creative thinking as they devise solutions; making discoveries through inquiry research, by testing hypotheses and experimenting with new strategies or techniques.

Students demonstrate leadership, initiative, imagination, creativity, spontaneity, and ingenuity as they engage in a range of creative processes, motivating others with their ethical entrepreneurial spirit.

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