What Students Need to Know about Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (Grade 5) - Lesson Lesson Plan

Level: Grade 5


The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario has created three guides for teachers that help increase the understanding of open government and personal privacy. What Students Need to Know About Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy has been created to provide an opportunity for teachers and their students to discuss why access to government-held information and personal privacy are important public values and how these values are reflected in our relationships with governments.

The Grade 5 guide contains the following sections:

  • Teacher's notes (provides key background information for teachers)
  • Activity 1: Introducing the Concepts
  • Activity 2: Privacy Alert
  • Activity 3: Thinking About Individual Rights
  • Activity 4: A Day in the Life of a Student

For further information on these lessons and information on Ontario legislation covering the release of students' personal information visit the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario Web site at: http://www.ipc.on.ca.

Source: Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario

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