Where's The Line? Online Safety Lesson Plan for School Resource Officers Lesson Plan

This lesson was produced with the support of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Level(s): Grades 6 to 8


  • To further online safety education.
  • To promote safe and responsible online behaviour through:
    • Encouraging youth to make safe and ethical decisions online;
    • Helping youth to identify strategies and supports that are available to assist them with issues they may encounter online.


Reference documents are found at the end of this lesson plan.

Total: 60 minutes

Presenter Preparation:

  • Print the lesson plan and reference documents.
  • Print required handouts. Make a few extra copies just to be safe.
  • Gather all of the necessary materials identified above.
  • If possible, arrange a follow up the next day and print copies of the Know Your Rights handout. (Interventions that include follow-up in class have been found to be more effective in changing student behaviour.)
  • If possible, arrange for peer leaders to assist in your presentation. It is recommended that you include peer leaders in your presentation because students often are reluctant to discuss youth culture in teacher-led discussions. If you do have peer leaders to assist you, meet with them ahead of time to explain the role they will play in the presentation. This lesson plan includes notes explaining how peer leaders could assist.