Transferable Skills

Starting in 2018-2019, Ontario students are assessed on Transferrable Skills such as critical thinking, global citizenship, communication and collaboration. According to the document Transferable Skills (n.d.),

Today’s graduates will enter a world that is more competitive, more globally connected, and more technologically engaged than it has been in any other period of history. Over the course of the next decade, millions of young Canadians will enter a workforce that is dramatically different from the one we know today. With the growing automation of jobs, extraordinary technological advancements, and the realities of a global economy, students will need to be prepared for job flexibility, frequent career re-orientation, and work and civic life in a globalized, digital age. Equipping students with transferable skills and a desire for lifelong learning will help to prepare them for these new realities, and to navigate and shape their future successfully.

Although these skills are not graded, they " can be seen as a framework encompassing the wide range of discrete transferable skills that students acquire over time... Students develop transferable skills not in isolation but as part of their learning in all subjects of the curriculum."

Media and digital literacy are found throughout the seven transferable skills, most prominently in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving; Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship; Communication; and Digital Literacy.