Stand up to Bullying on Pink Shirt Day

Bullying is an issue many youth face on a daily basis. We all have a role to play in helping to create a society where children and teens are safe and protected from harassment, violence, and abuse. We also need to educate youth themselves to be caring, empathic and ethical citizens both online and off.  On February 25, we’ll be celebrating Pink Shirt Day – a day dedicated to raising awareness around bullying, giving young people the tools they need to stand up to bullies and teaching them how to step in when they see it happening. To help you mark the day, we’ve put together a list of resources.

Cyberbullying: The Role of Witnesses

Research has shown that witnesses to bullying can be just as important as targets or perpetrators in affecting how an incident plays out and may also suffer negative effects that are as bad as or worse than those suffered by the target. In Canada, MediaSmarts’ Young Canadians in a Wired World (YCWW) research on cyberbullying has revealed both good and bad news on this front. Read More.

Cyberbullying is Still Bullying: Free printable posters

Cyberbullying is Still Bullying poster
The Cyberbullying is Still Bullying posters are freely available to print and hang in your schools, in libraries, or community centres. Download here.

MediaSmarts’ resources: