As Tech Evolves, Why Am I Stepping Away More?

Rebecca Stanisic

Technology has changed and often improved the way we work, live, shop and play, but it can feel overwhelming at times. I think I’m at the age where new technology feels like too much and I hate change and I don’t want to learn something new. This is why I’m still not really using TikTok I guess.  

Newspaper with headline "Old man yells at cloud"
Me, when I talk about tech these days

Even so, I have to credit tech – it comes with a lot of perks that make many aspects of our lives so much easier. 

Being able to connect with the kids at any time is great (although this is likely debated by kids everywhere, it IS handy to be able to text your parents for a ride home or to update them when plans change, right?).  

And this connection isn’t just for our kids either. All of us now can more easily stay in touch with our parents as we all age. Texting with my mom about the new episode of Succession is an important part of our relationship.  

I still find myself wondering what the future holds, though. I’m not leaning into new tech as much as I once did and even actively find ways around it. And yet, I’m certainly not anti-tech. Am I alone?  

Years ago I was at a conference about blogging and being online, at a time when many of us were building careers in that space (and have continued to), and something someone shared stuck with me. The presenter in one session was talking about media changing and how there is often pushback. But media has always evolved. There was a black and white photo shared of a train car or bus filled with people, all with their heads down reading the paper. If you replaced the paper with a phone, it would have felt current. The point was that media was always evolving and changing through history and while there’s no stopping it, there’s a way to embrace it (safely and with intention, we would hope). 

I feel like I’m constantly reviewing my relationship with tech. I use it daily in a variety of ways for my personal life and my career. And yet I also feel I’m pushing back against it more, and maybe that comes with wariness, or age or changing times.  

As we navigate rapidly changing technology in our lives, I’m also reminding myself that it’s not the only connection I have in this world. Stepping out of my online comfort zone and off the text messages to have coffee with a friend in person, walk outside, or read a hardcover novel sounds more appealing than ever.  

I still need to text my mom about our TV shows though.  

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