Outcome Chart - Newfoundland and Labrador - Art and Design 2200/3200

Graphic Arts Unit

Overall Expectations

GA1 develop personal imagery through graphic design

GA2 incorporate visual concepts, art processes and process-related concepts in their graphic design to realize their expressive intentions

GA7 using either traditional and/ or electronic technology, with acquired knowledge, invent and incorporate visual symbols in their art

GA8 through their own art work, explore various graphic art visual concepts, to realize their expressive intentions

GA16 identify the influence of visual symbols and their universal language (to include the Internet)

GA17 understand graphic art as a communicative language of artists used to record, translate and express in images

GA19 understand the influence of graphic art on public opinion

GA28 justify the diversity of responses from traditional or electronic graphic image

GA30 see their own visual imagery and graphic art of other cultures, as a part of a creative tradition which spans human history

GA32 using traditional or contemporary technologies, communicate a personal viewpoint relating to a current issue

GA35 identify and discuss moral, ethical and legal issues surrounding the use of graphic arts

  • copyright issues
  • use and misuse
  • ownership

GA49 explain the importance of audience and messages when producing graphic works

GA66 practice safe procedures when using traditional graphics tools and electronic media

GA84 understand the copyright laws, fair and ethical issues surrounding artwork, multimedia, and on-line technology

MediaSmarts Resources


Bias in News Sources

Diversity and Media Ownership

Don’t Drink and Drive: Assessing the Effectiveness of Anti-Drinking Campaigns

First Person

Learning Gender Stereotypes

Marketing to Teens: Alternate Ads

Marketing to Teens: Gender Roles in Advertising

Marketing to Teens: Gotta Have It! Designer & Brand Names

Marketing to Teens: Marketing Tactics

Marketing to Teens: Talking Back

Miscast and Seldom Seen

Online Propaganda and the Proliferation of Hate

Political Cartoons

Sex in Advertising

The Pornography Debate: Controversy in Advertising

Up, Up and Away? (TM)

Video Games

Watching the Elections

Who’s Telling My Story?

Interactive Resources

MyWorld (licensed resource)

Media Arts Unit

Overall Expectations

MA8 recognize and distinguish safe use and proper operating procedures of computer hardware and related technologies

MA12 adhere to all safety codes and proper computer procedures

MA18 use a variety of internet search engines

MA20 learn to interpret and judge artwork based on informed criteria and personal opinion

MA24 understand the importance of critically viewing artwork as a source of inspiration and insight

MA26 understand copyright laws, and fair use issues

MA27 apply the principles of copyright and fair use, and ethical procedures in the creation, sale, distribution, and reproductions of artwork

MA28 consistently practice ethical procedures when producing computer graphic images

MA46 analyze how context (i.e., ethnic, cultural, historical) influences the content and form of Web-based art

MediaSmarts Resources


Alcohol on the Web

Deconstructing Web Pages

Finding and Authenticating Online Information on Global Development Issues

Gender and Tobacco

Hate 2.0

Hoax? Scholarly Research? Personal Opinion? You Decide!

I heard it ‘round the Internet: Sexual health education and authenticating online information

ICYouSee: A Lesson in Critical Thinking

Kellogg Special K Ads

Marketing to Teens: Alternate Ads

Marketing to Teens: Gotta Have It! Designer & Brand Names

Selling Obesity

Selling Tobacco

Sports Personalities in Magazine Advertising

The Privacy Dilemma: Lesson Plan for Senior Classrooms

Tobacco Labels

Up, Up and Away? (TM)

Video Games

Watching the Elections

What Students Need to Know about Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Who Knows? Your Privacy in the Information Age

Interactive Resources

MyWorld (licensed resource)