Theatre Company 12


Curricular Competencies

MediaSmarts Resources

Explore and create

  • Explore, design, and refine a range of productions in a theatre company
  • Refine vocabulary, skills, and conventions through presentation or performance
  • Create theatre productions collaboratively using a variety of methods
  • Intentionally select and combine dramatic elements and conventions for an intended audience
  • Take creative risks to express ideas, meaning, and intent

Reason and reflect

  • Provide and respond to constructive feedback
  • Analyze, and respond to ways in which props, technologies, and environments are used in theatre productions, using discipline-specific language
  • Demonstrate awareness of self, audience, the theatre company, and place
  • Refine performances based on self-reflection, audience response, and director feedback
  • Reflect on personal experiences to develop and refine theatre productions

Communicate and document

  • Share, analyze, and respond to creative works
  • Select, communicate, and interpret ideas through a theatre production
  • Express personal voice, cultural identity, and values through character development
  • Demonstrate respect for self, company, and audience





dramatic elements, principles, techniques, vocabulary, and symbols

dramatic forms

strategies and techniques to support creative processes

character development

stage etiquette

dramatic conventions, performers, and movements

a variety of dramatic genres and/or styles

movement, sound, image, and form

roles and responsibilities in a theatre company

innovative artists from a variety of genres, cultures, and periods

traditional and contemporary First Peoples worldviews and cross-cultural perspectives communicated through theatre productions

ethics of cultural appropriation and plagiarism

health and safety protocols and procedures

Dealing with Digital Stress

First, Do No Harm: Being an Active Witness to Cyberbullying

Forensic Science Crime Dramas

Miscast and Seldom Seen

Relationships and Sexuality in the Media

Scripting a Crime Drama

Transgender Representation in TV and Movies

Unpacking Privilege

Viewing a Crime Drama

Violence on Film: The Ratings Game

Violence on Television

Who’s Telling My Story?