New Series on Emerging Technologies

Keeping up to date with all of the latest technologies and trends in the media is exhausting, and it’s easy to fall behind. Our team at MediaSmarts conducts regular research, works with media networks, and follows current events to stay relevant. Both parents and teachers look to us for information and education materials.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce a new series on the latest tech and media issues so that you can stay informed about Canada’s digital and media landscape. Look for the following topics explored in depth soon:

Caring for Your Carrier Pigeon

Getting your message from one county to another means you need to have a pigeon you can depend on. From grooming to diet, we’ll give you the best tips to keep your bird cooing happily.

Vaudeville-ains: the Effects of Mustachioed Antagonists on Teens

Vaudeville may be great fun in theatres, but what happens when your teen son takes to growing out a handlebar mustache, donning top hats, and falling in with ne’er-do-wells? We’ll tell you how you can encourage your teens to emulate the more do-right characters.

Dot-Dash-What? Telegraph Etiquette

The convenience of being able to transmit messages long distance through Morse code is a modern convenience that everyone is grateful for. Knowing the polite way to send and receive your messages is a courtesy that we all share.

Are Radio Plays Scaring Our Youth?

George Orwell’s performance of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” is an event fresh in the minds of today’s parents. Are radio plays like this just a compelling form of entertainment or a more sinister threat at risk of causing pandemonium?

Talking to Your Teen About Sexaphores

Semaphore flag messages are all the rage with today’s teens. But is your son or daughter expressing an interest in nautical communications or are they signalling something risqué that could be unwillingly seen by others? We’ll help you understand the difference and how you can talk to your teen about safety.

The Future is Coming: Is a Fax Machine Right for Your Household?

Futurists predict that, within 20 years, there could be a facsimile (fax) machine in every home across Canada. This opens many new possibilities for communicating, but it also comes with challenges and risks that you should be aware of.

Home Wax Cylinder Recording Do’s and Don’ts

We’ve all heard the news reports that home wax cylinder recording is “killing music”. We’ll teach you how you can be sure that your home recordings stay legal and enjoyable for your whole family.

Media and digital literacy topics require intensive research, labour, and time to complete. With support and funding, MediaSmarts can continue to provide free and up-to-date educational materials for parents, teachers, children, and youth across Canada. If you value our work (or our April Fool’s Day jokes), please consider making a donation to our non-profit organization