Outcome Chart – Nunavut - Entrepreneurship 12

Strand: Nunavusiutit

Overall Expectations: Module 1: E-Commerce and Venture Planning

Specific Expectations:

Unit 5

Students will identify the technical, security, and business risks involved with implementing e-commerce in a small business (e.g., viruses, hackers, credit card fraud).

Unit 8

Students will identify and describe the components of an effective website for a small business (e.g., home page, contact information, copyright, last updated date, links, search engine, menu).

Unit 10

Students will evaluate website of current small businesses in terms of their design features (e.g., usability, ease of navigation, continuity of pages, appropriateness for audience, speed of download, contact information, methods of payment).

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Overall Expectations: Module 3: Targeting Customers 

Specific Expectations:

Unit 1

Students will describe, on the basis of research (e.g., survey, personal observation), the potential customers for their venture.

Unit 4

Students will explore and develop advanced marketing techniques using various media and multimedia (e.g., social networking and video).

Unit 5

Students will develop fluency with presentation software and effective techniques for clear marketing and information presentations.

Unit 7

Students will develop an advertising strategy (e.g., using flyers, brochures, banner advertisements, websites, local radio and television advertisements, word of mouth, publicity) and a promotion strategy (e.g., using business cards, coupons, presentations) to help establish and maintain an identity for the venture.

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