Outcome Chart – Nunavut –Social Studies 30-2

Strand: Nunavusiutit

Overall Expectations: Related Issue 4: To what extent should my actions as a citizen be shaped by an ideology?

  • Students will assess their rights, roles and responsibilities as citizens.

Specific Expectations:

  • 4.1 appreciate the relationship between citizenship and leadership (C, I)
  • 4.2 exhibit a global consciousness with respect to the human condition and world issues (C, GC)
  • 4.3 accept responsibilities associated with individual and collective citizenship (C, GC)

S.1 develop skills of critical thinking and creative thinking:

  • assess the validity of information based on context, bias, sources, objectivity, evidence or reliability
  • predict likely outcomes based on factual information

S.9 develop skills of media literacy:

  • assess the authority, reliability and validity of electronically accessed information
  • evaluate the validity of various points of view presented in the media
  • appraise information from multiple sources, evaluating each source in terms of the author’s perspective or bias and use of evidence
  • analyze the impact of various forms of media, identifying complexities and discrepancies in the information and making distinctions between sound generalizations and misleading oversimplification
  • demonstrate discriminatory selection of electronically accessed information that is relevant to a particular topic

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