Outcome Chart - Ontario - Language 6

This outcome chart contains media-related learning outcomes from the Ontario, Grade 6 Language curriculum, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site.

Understanding Media Texts

By the end of Grade 6, students will:

  • explain how a variety of media texts address their intended purpose and audience
  • interpret media texts, using overt and implied messages as evidence for their interpretations
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the presentation and treatment of ideas, information, themes, opinions, issues, and/or experiences in media texts
  • explain why different audiences might have different responses to media texts
  • identify whose point of view is presented in a media text, identify missing or alternative points of view, and, where appropriate, determine whether the chosen view achieves a particular goal
  • identify who produces various media texts, the reason for their production, how they are produced, and how they are funded

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Gender Portrayal







Educational Games

Student Tutorial (Licensed Resource)

Understanding Media Forms, Conventions, and Techniques

By the end of Grade 6, students will:

  • describe in detail the main elements of some media forms
  • identify the conventions and techniques used in some familiar media forms and explain how they help convey meaning and influence or engage the audience

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Creating Media Texts

By the end of Grade 6, students will:

  • describe in specific detail the topic, purpose, and audience for media texts they plan to create, and identify challenges they may face in achieving their purpose
  • identify an appropriate form to suit the specific purpose and audience for a media text they plan to create, and explain why it is an appropriate choice
  • identify conventions and techniques appropriate to the form chosen for a media text they plan to create, and explain how they will use the conventions and techniques to help communicate their message
  • produce a variety of media texts for specific purposes and audiences, using appropriate forms, conventions, and techniques

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Reflecting on Media Literacy Skills and Strategies

By the end of Grade 6, students will:

  • identify what strategies they found most helpful in making sense of and creating media texts, and explain how these and other strategies can help them improve as media viewers/listeners/producers
  • explain how their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing help them to make sense of and produce media texts

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