Language 4-6

Digital Media Literacy in Language 4-6

The Language grades 4-6 curriculum released in 2023 is based in part on the principle that “a modern English curriculum reflects emerging technologies and their impact on communication and digital media literacy,” which is defined as combining “the ability to combine the multimodal properties of media literacy with the technological capabilities of digital literacy.”

Language courses at this level prepare students to “become receptive to new and varying ideas and perspectives and develop their ability to think independently and critically. They can convince and be convinced and differentiate between what is true and what is misinformation.“ The curriculum also states that “learning to communicate by using language with clarity and precision, and in a variety of media and modes, will help students to thrive in the world beyond school and to become lifelong learners.”

The course is divided into four strands:

    A. Literacy Connections and Applications

    B. Foundations of Language

    C. Comprehension: Understanding and Responding to Texts

    D. Composition: Expressing Ideas and Creating Texts

There are connections to digital media literacy in strands A, C and D. Strand A also contains a dedicated Digital Media Literacy expectation that connects to every topic in MediaSmarts’ Digital Media Literacy Framework:

Students develop and apply digital media literacy knowledge and skills to support their learning. They learn about their rights and responsibilities when interacting online and developing their digital identity, learn to navigate online environments while managing their data, security, and privacy, including seeking appropriate permission, and use digital and media tools to evaluate information and demonstrate their learning. They learn and apply the conventions and techniques of digital and media texts and analyze the relationship between text forms and content, audiences, and creators. They use digital and media tools in the design process to develop innovative solutions. Students learn how to interact and contribute to an empathetic, respectful, and inclusive online community.