Outcome Chart – Newfoundland & Labrador - Visual Arts 3202

Overall Expectations:

  • GCO 1: Students will be expected to explore, challenge, develop, and express ideas, using the skills, language, techniques, and processes of the arts.
  • GCO 2: Students will be expected to create and/or present, collaboratively and independently, expressive products in the arts for a range of audiences and purposes.
  • GCO 3: Students will be expected to demonstrate critical awareness of and the value for the role of the arts in creating and reflecting culture.
  • GCO 4: Students will be expected to respect the contributions of individuals and cultural groups in local and global contexts, and value the arts as a record of human experiences and expression.
  • GCO 5: Students will be expected to examine the relationship among the arts, societies and environments
  • GCO 6: Students will be expected to apply critical thinking and problem-solving strategies to reflect on and respond to their own and others’ expressive work
  • GCO 7: Students will be expected to understand the role of technologies in creating and responding to expressive works.
  • GCO 8: Students will be expected to analyse the relationship between artistic intent and the expressive work.

GCO 1: Specific Expectations:

  • Explore and demonstrate skills and techniques appropriate to a variety of media within the disciplines in the creation of art.
  • Select and manipulate various art media to convey their intended messages meaning and themes

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GCO 2: Specific Expectations:

  • Create original artwork to communicate personal ideas and expressions
  • Make and articulate critical judgements about their own work when collaboratively selecting, arranging and displaying artworks.

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GCO 3: Specific Expectations:

  • Identify and discuss the role of visual art in their personal life, community and society
  • Explore art as a means to evoke emotions, and/or to communicate and/or challenge beliefs and opinions.

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GCO 4: Specific Expectations:

  • Identify, analyze and create artworks inspired by a variety of cultural, socio-economic and national origins
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how individual and societal values affect our response to visual art

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GCO 5: Specific Expectations:

  • Explore and integrate other art disciplines in the creation of visual art
  • Examine and debate the legal, moral and ethical issues of art creation.

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GCO 6: Specific Expectations:

  • Demonstrate informed and independent thinking when responding to artworks
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving strategies in resolving visual design challenges
  • Offer and respond to constructive criticism

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GCO 7: Specific Expectations:

  • Investigate the impact of changing technology in the visual arts

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GCO 8: Specific Expectations:

  • Explore the relationship between an artwork and its audience
  • Explore the relationship between intention and outcomes in their own and others’ work

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