Outcome Chart - Yukon - Physical and Health Education 4

Big Ideas

  • Personal choices and social and environmental factors influence our health and well-being. 
  • Developing healthy relationships helps us feel connected, supported, and valued.   

Overall Expectations:

Healthy and Active living

  • Explain the relationship of healthy eating to overall health and well-being
  • Identify and describe factors that influence healthy choices
  • Examine and explain how health messages can influence behaviours and decisions
  • Identify and apply strategies for pursuing personal healthy-living goals

Social and Community health

  • Identify and describe avoidance or assertiveness strategies to use in unsafe and/or uncomfortable situations
  • Describe and assess strategies for responding to discrimination, stereotyping, and bullying
  • Describe and apply strategies for developing and maintaining positive relationships
  • Describe and apply strategies that promote a safe and caring environment

Mental Well-being

  • Describe and assess strategies for promoting mental well-being
  • Describe and assess strategies for managing problems related to mental well-being and substance use
  • Explore and describe strategies for managing physical, emotional, and social changes during puberty
  • Describe factors that positively influence mental well-being and self-identity

Specific Expectations

Students are expected to know the following:

  • media messaging and body image
  • strategies and skills to use in potentially hazardous, unsafe or abusive situations, including identifying common lures or tricks used by potential abusers
  • strategies for responding to bullying, discrimination, and violence
  • potential effects of psychoactive substance use, and strategies for preventing personal harm
  • factors that influence self-identity, including body image and social media
  • physical, emotional, and social changes that occur during puberty, including those involving sexuality and sexual identity

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