Outcome Chart - Yukon - Physical and Health Education 1

Big Ideas

  • Learning about ourselves and others helps us develop a positive attitude and caring behaviours, which helps us build healthy relationships.  
  • Knowing about our bodies and making healthy choices helps us look after ourselves. 
  • Good health comprises physical, mental, and emotional well-being.   

Overall Expectations:

Social and Community health

  • Identify and describe a variety of unsafe and/or uncomfortable situations
  • Develop and demonstrate respectful behaviour when participating in activities with others
  • Identify caring behaviours among classmates and within families

Mental Well-being

  • Identify and describe practices that promote mental well-being
  • Identify and describe feelings and worries
  • Identify personal skills, interests, and preferences

Specific Expectations

Students are expected to know the following:

  • different types of substances and how to safely use or avoid them
  • hazards and potentially unsafe situations
  • caring behaviours in groups and families
  • emotions and their causes and effects
  • reliable sources of health information

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