Curricular Overview 

Last reviewed July 2023 

Yukon follows the British Columbia (BC) English Language Arts curriculum for Grades K-12, which is based on the WCP framework. At the secondary level, Yukon is implementing the BC Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs). In this curriculum, media-related outcomes have been included within the three areas of Comprehend and Respond, Communicate Ideas and Information, and Self and Society. 

Like British Columbia, Yukon also offers Grades K-8 Personal Planning and Grades 9-12 Career and Personal Planning curricula, which include many opportunities for the integration of media studies. Another pertinent subject area is Social Studies, especially in outcomes relating to bias, representation and stereotyping. 

For more information about digital media literacy connections in the Yukon curriculum, including links to supporting MediaSmarts resources, consult links for specific subjects and grade levels.