World Views and Aspirations of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Communities in Canada, Grade 11 

College Preparation  

A: Research and Inquiry Skills 

B: Understanding and Respecting World Views and Cultural Diversity  

Overall Expectations: 

A2. Investigating 

A3. Processing Information 

A4. Communicating and reflecting  

B1. The Concept of World View  

Specific Expectations: 

A2.1 create appropriate research plans to investigate their selected topics  

A2.2 locate and select information relevant to their investigations from a variety of primary and/or secondary sources, including Indigenous knowledge sources  

A3.2 record and organize information and key ideas using a variety of formats  

A3.3 analyse and interpret research information  

A3.4 demonstrate academic honesty by documenting the sources, including oral sources, of all information generated through research  

A4.1 use an appropriate format  

B1.1 identify and make connections between various elements of a world view or belief system 

B1.2 compare world views or belief systems associated with a few different cultures to identify common purposes and functions  

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