Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - English 10 / English 10 Plus

Overall Expectations

  • communicate information and ideas effectively and clearly, and to respond personally and critically
  • select, read, and view with understanding a range of literature, information, media, and visual texts
  • interpret, select, and combine information using a variety of strategies, resources, and technologies
  • respond critically to a range of texts, applying their understanding of language, form, and genre

Specific Expectations

Students will:

  • read a wide variety of print texts which include drama, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction from contemporary, pre-twentieth century Canadian and world writing
  • view a wide variety of media and visual texts, such as broadcast, journalism, film, television, advertising, CDROM, Internet, music videos
  • research, in systematic ways, specific information from a variety of sources
  • select appropriate information to meet the requirements of a learning task
  • analyze and evaluate the chosen information
  • integrate chosen information, in a way that effectively meets the requirements of a learning task and/or solves personally defined problems
  • respond to the texts they are reading and viewing by questioning, connecting, evaluating, and extending
  • make thematic connections among print texts, public discourse, and media
  • demonstrate a willingness to consider more than one interpretation of text
  • respond critically to a variety of print and media texts
  • evaluate ways in which both genders and various cultures and socio-economic groups are portrayed in media texts
  • experiment with the use of technology in communicating for a range of purposes

Lessons that meet Grade 10 expectations