Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - Advanced English Grade 12

Overall Expectations

Students will:

  • communicate information and ideas effectively and clearly, and to respond personally and critically
  • interact with sensitivity and respect, considering the situation, audience, and purpose
  • select, read, and view with understanding a range of literature, information, media, and visual texts
  • interpret, select, and combine information using a variety of strategies, resources, and technologies
  • respond personally to a range of texts
  • respond critically to a range of texts, applying their understanding of language, form, and genre

Specific Expectations

Students will:

  • critically evaluate information, assessing the suitability, reliability, and credibility of language, form, genre, and source
  • understand and appreciate the expectations of research ethics
  • investigate reasons for their responses to texts as individuals and as members of a socio-cultural group
  • evaluate the political, social, cultural, and emotional connotations embedded in language
  • communicate insight into and empathy for the diversity of the human experience
  • effectively defend an interpretation of a text or issue

Lessons that meet Grade 12 expectations