Outcome Chart - Nunavut - ELA 4

Strand: Uqausiliriniq

Overall Expectations:

1. listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to access and explore prior knowledge and experiences of self and others.

Specific Expectations:

1.1.1 Compare own and others’ understandings to reflect upon personal understandings

1.2.1 Connect new information and experiences with prior knowledge to construct meaning in different contexts

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Overall Expectations:

2. listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to comprehend and respond personally and critically to oral, print, and other media texts, through a process.

Specific Expectations:

2.1.1 Use prior knowledge and connections between self and texts (oral, print, and other media) to expand personal understanding

2.1.2 Set a purpose and discuss anticipated meaning of oral, print, and other media texts; use comprehension strategies to construct, confirm, revise, and explain understanding

2.1.3 Use textual cues to construct and confirm meaning in oral, print, and other media texts *cues in narrative, expository, and poetic texts

2.1.4 Use vocabulary, language structure, and context to construct meaning of oral, print, and other media texts

2.2.1 Explore a variety of oral, print, and other media texts

2.2.2 Respond to oral, print, and other media texts creatively and critically

2.2.3 Describe how groups are portrayed in texts (oral, print, and other media) from other communities

2.3.1 Talk about the purposes of the text genres and their corresponding forms (in oral, print, and other media texts)

2.3.2 Listen to, read, and view texts (oral, print, and other media) to understand how the techniques and elements interact to create effects

2.3.3 Talk about authors’ use of voice, vocabulary, elements or techniques in a variety of oral, print, and other media texts

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Overall Expectations:

3. listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to plan and focus an inquiry or research and interpret and analyze information and ideas, through a process.

Specific Expectations:

3.1.1 Categorize personal knowledge of a topic to determine information needs in own and group inquiry

3.1.2 Ask general and specific questions on topics using predetermined categories in own and group inquiry

3.1.3 Select and use a plan for gathering information for own and group inquiry

3.2.1 Use relevant information from a variety of sources to answer inquiry or research questions

3.2.2 Assess the usefulness of information for inquiry or research using pre-established criteria

3.2.3 Use a variety of tools to access information and ideas; use visual and auditory cues to identify important information

3.2.4 Determine main and supporting ideas using prior knowledge, predictions, connections, inferences, and context cues

3.3.1 Organize information and ideas in logical sequences using a variety of strategies

3.3.2 Make notes of key words, phrases, and images by subtopics; cite authors and titles of sources alphabetically

3.3.3 Examine collected information to identify categories or aspects of a topic that need more information

3.3.4 Review gathered information and questions, and add to knowledge gained from inquiry or research process

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Overall Expectations:

4. listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to clarify and enhance oral, written, and visual forms of communication, through a process.

Specific Expectations:

4.1.1 Generate and focus ideas on a topic using a variety of strategies

4.1.2 Prepare to create by exploring the connections between choice of forms, identified audience, and purpose; organize information and ideas

4.1.3 Create original texts (oral, print, and other media)

4.2.1 Participate in developing the criteria for focussed conversations about own and others’ texts and representations (oral, print, and other media)

4.2.2 Clarify and extend ideas, and revise organization to match intended purpose

4.2.4 Experiment with language to create desired effect in oral, print, and other media texts

4.3.1 Use an editing process to enhance communication

4.4.1 Present and/or publish texts (oral, print, and other media)

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Overall Expectations:

5. listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to celebrate and build community within the home, school, workplace and wider society.

Specific Expectations:

5.1.1 Work in a variety of partnerships and groups to follow preestablished group processes by resolving conflicts

5.1.3 Show appreciation to peers, and seek support from group members

5.2.1 Describe relationships between own and others’ ideas and experiences

5.2.2 Develop an awareness of diversity

5.2.3 Select and use appropriate language and form to celebrate within and beyond the classroom

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