Outcome Chart – Nunavut - Communications 10

Strand: Uqausiliriniq

Overall Expectations:

Module 1: The essentials of working with others

2. Students will increase self-awareness by:

  • discussing and exploring how others perceive them in relation to how they perceive themselves

3. Students will examine through the use of media the factors that affect inclusive, respectful communication by:

  • observing, discussing and reflecting on non-verbal communication, specifically body language

4. Students will compare the impact of attitudes on communication by:

  • identifying related vocabulary
  • creating, discussing and role playing positive and negative attitudes from media-derived images

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Overall Expectations:

Module 2: Essential Writing

1. Students will investigate various forms of communication by:

  • researching (including on-line) and providing brief written information on alternative modes of conveying information;
  • reflecting on the use of any form of language to exclude others from the communication

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Overall Expectations:

Module 4: Essential Reading

10. Students will improve reading skills by:

  • reconstructing and confirming meaning using context clues
  • applying strategies practised throughout the module to locate, authenticate and use information from a variety of print and non-print resources, including electronic resources, to create a PowerPoint presentation on a topic of personal interest

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