Outcome Chart – Nunavut - Reading 10

Strand: Uqausiliriniq

Overall Expectations: Concept A

1. The reader learns that reading can fulfill a variety of important purposes for the reader.

Specific Expectations:

2. becomes aware of the importance of reading for school success, for success in one’s business and social life, and for satisfaction as a leisure activity.

4. increases the level of attention to and active involvement in reading in order to accomplish a purpose.

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Overall Expectations: Concept C

1. The reader learns to approach reading with an awareness that the purpose for which print material is written and produced is reflected in its structure, organization and format.

Specific Expectations:

1. understands that a writer’s purpose in informative or utilitarian text may be to explain, inform, teach or persuade; in text intended to be read for pleasure, the writer’s purpose may be to entertain, describe, illustrate, satirize, inform, persuade or illuminate.

3. becomes aware that print material is organized and set forth according to the purpose for which it is intended.

4. learns to recognize and cope with the specific characteristics and demands of print materials that are intended to convey information to the reader, intended to facilitate business and social activities, or designed to be read for personal satisfaction.

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Overall Expectations: Concept E

2. The reader becomes increasingly independent in locating, selecting, reading and evaluating print materials in order to fulfill specific reading purposes.

Specific Expectations:

1. learns to gain access to desired reading material from sources available.

2. learns to evaluate material in terms of reader purpose:

  • in reading for information, evaluates material in terms of applicability, completeness and accuracy

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