Outcome Chart – Nunavut - Aulajaaqtut 10

Strand: Aulajaaqtut

Overall Expectations:

Module 1: Values and Valuing

5. understand what values are and identify a set of personal values.

6. understand that there are diverse values in our society. They will be able to articulate the process of cultural conflict and values clarification as outside influences that impact on an individual or cultural group.          

7. understand that we make decisions based on our values. When values are in conflict, we may not make good decisions. Students will demonstrate good decision-making based on values.          

9. identify personal coping mechanisms that will help them meet challenges.         

10. identify concrete ways to model values and demonstrate how to pass along values to others. 

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Overall Expectations:

Module 2: Communicating and Helping

3. know the characteristics of a good listener and have opportunity to develop these characteristics.         

5. understand the importance of being fully informed.         

6. gain competence in asking questions to obtain and clarify information using both open and closed questions.

8. understand the importance of seeking clarification and be able to use the four responses to clarify information.  

13. recognize and try to avoid stereotyping.      

14. be aware that individuals belong to a variety of groups and have different values and ethics which must be considered in order to communicate effectively

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