Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - Healthy Living Grade 8

Overall Expectations

Students will be expected to

A. demonstrate positive self-identity that effectively enables them to manage their health, relationships, and interactions with the world

B. think critically and make informed decisions to enhance health of self, those around oneself, and within a global context

C. demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills that facilitate positive relationships between themselves and the world

Specific Expectations

  • analyze the relationship between values and personal health practices
  • identify healthy and unhealthy relationships and demonstrate assertiveness skills to communicate thoughts and feelings within primary relationships
  • examine the role of bystander in cases where a peer/friend is experiencing emotional, physical, psychological harm and practise scenarios that show support and help
  • demonstrate an understanding that there are many factors that contribute to our health status
  • assess the benefits and risks of online technology and make healthy and responsible decisions that reduce the risk of exploitation and victimization
  • examine the media portrayal of sexual orientation
  • critically analyze industry’s impact on body image and healthy eating
  • examine the impacts of substance use and gambling, both legally sanctioned and illegal activities have on communities

Lessons that meet Grade 8 expectations