Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - Health Education Grade 9

Healthy Self

Specific Expectations

9.1 analyze their health needs in times of change and apply strategies that enhance their capacity to manage change in their lives

9.3 recognize the impact that substance use and gambling can have on mental health issues, including depression and anxiety

9.6 identify ways of maintaining sexual health

9.7 synthesize the fundamentals of drug education related to use of alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, cannabis, and other substances, including the short- and long-term risks and signs of concern along the continuum of use


Healthy Relationships

Specific Expectations

9.10 apply communication and interpersonal skills to discuss reproductive and sexual health issues

9.11 examine the cause and effect of unhealthy relationships and practise communication and assertiveness skills to confront unhealthy relationships


Healthy Community

Specific Expectations

9.16 examine issues around hypersexualization of girls and sexualization of women and how these phenomena can contribute to violence, affect body image and self-esteem, and impact relationships

9.18 examine the social, legal, and financial impacts of alcohol, other substances, and gambling along a continuum of use

9.23 investigate principles of and beliefs around financial health and demonstrate an awareness of the capacity for financial health to positively or negatively affect ones’ state of health


Educational Game