Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - Health Education Primary (K)

Outcome 1: Students will recognize a range of emotions that humans share

  • name a variety of emotional responses
  • describe their own emotional responses to events
  • describe the emotional responses of others
  • demonstrate an awareness of their need to feel safe, loved, cared for, heard, and treated with respect

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Outcome 2: Students will appreciate the diversity of family structures in multiple cultural contexts.

  •  describe their own family structure and those different from their own (including blended, those with same sex parents, institutional, families led by extended family members, and families that do not live together all of the time)
  • begin to demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of similarities and differences that are visible and not visible (PCD, CZ, COM)

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Outcome 3: Students will apply safe practices and effective strategies for personal safety and injury and disease prevention.

  • identify and discuss unsafe substances and scenarios at home and in the community and their related safety skills
  • identify a safe adult they can go to for help
  • identify and apply methods to prevent the spread of communicable diseases
  • identify the proper names for parts of their body that are private versus parts of their body that are not (COM)

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