Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - Healthy Living Grade 9

Overall Expectations

Students will be expected to

A. demonstrate positive self-identity that effectively enables them to manage their health, relationships, and interactions with the world

B. think critically and make informed decisions to enhance health of self, those around oneself, and within a global context

C. demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills that facilitate positive relationships between themselves and the world

Specific Expectations

Students will:

  • recognize the impact that substance use and gambling can have on mental health issues, including depression and anxiety
  • identify ways of maintaining sexual health
  • apply communication and interpersonal skills to discuss reproductive and sexual health issues
  • examine the cause and effect of unhealthy relationships and practise communication and assertiveness skills to confront unhealthy relationships
  • identify and practise negotiation, assertiveness, and refusal skills, related to sexual activity, alcohol,
  • tobacco, cannabis, and gambling
  • practise speaking about concerns regarding substance use and gambling in self or others
  • examine the negative impact of stereotyping and stigma upon help-seeking behaviour
  • examine issues around hypersexualization of girls and sexualization of women and how these phenomena can contribute to violence, affect body image and self-esteem, and impact relationships
  • examine the social, legal, and financial impacts of alcohol, other substances, and gambling along a continuum of use
  • identify school and community-based resources and health services available to assist themselves or a friend if help or information in the area of sexual health, mental health, alcohol, and other substance use or gambling is needed, and practise how to make initial contact with such a service/resource
  • demonstrate understanding of how easy it is to lose control of information online

Lessons that meet Grade 9 expectations