Click if You Agree (Grades 7-9)

Click if You Agree robots and scanner

Click if You Agree is an educational game that helps young people between the ages of 12 and 14 develop the skills and confidence to read privacy policies and terms of use instead of blindly clicking on the “I agree” button.

This game emphasizes knowing how to identify which sections of a privacy policy or terms of use are most important and relevant, as well as understanding our rights as consumers. Because these policies are often written in legal language that can be hard to understand, Click if You Agree also familiarizes youth with best and worst practices to watch out for, shows them how to spot "red flags" that tell them to pay particular attention to a section, and provides plain-language translations of common elements.

Play Game

Click if You Agree is built in HTML 5 and is compatible with most modern browsers and tablet devices.

Teacher’s Guide (PDF)

The teacher’s guide includes an introduction to the game, an answer key, supporting research, related handouts/assignments for students and additional resources.