Outcome Chart - New Brunswick - Graphic Art and Design 110 (Grade 9)

Critical Visual Literacy

Students will demonstrate competency in critical visual literacy.

SCO 1.1 Students will examine published graphic works.

  • Knowledge of changing media and visual trends defining graphic art and design.
  • Understanding cultural bias in graphic art and design

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SCO 1.2 Students will explain the roles of context, culture, design, visual artists and graphic designers.

  • Intent and purpose inform creative decisions
  • Copyright, public domain and other intellectual property
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Graphic arts as a contributing factor to societal change.

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Foundational Skills and Knowledge

Students will demonstrate the foundational skills, professional practices and life skills fundamental to the field of graphic art and design.

SCO 2.1 Students will demonstrate necessary visual skills and knowledge related to graphic art and design:

Media exploration

  • Determine task appropriate media when constructing a visual message.
  • Create images using a variety of media
  • Explore a variety of visual arts media and studio techniques for an understanding of their unique expressive qualities

Digital Media and technology

  • Determine task appropriate digital media and technology.
  • Utilize digital media and technology for the purposes of designing visual communication

Commercial image development: marks, symbols, logos, gestalt, package design.

  • Evaluate commercial image development such as branding, logo development, and label design.
  • Create effective original branding, logo and label design.

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Processes, Production and Application

Students will apply the knowledge, skills, and processes specific to Graphic Art and Design to communicate visually in the manner of a graphic artist and designer.

SCO 3.1 Students will use the design process for the purposes of graphic design production.

Problem/goal identification

  • Clearly identify the graphic design problem that needs to be solved and the target audience in a given task
  • Analyze how the target audience affects the creation of the message

Use effective visual communication

  • Explain how communication can be non-verbal, and how images carry a message
  • Create visual communication with a client/audience in mind

Design and produce finished graphic products that meet client standards

  • Create graphic outputs using a variety of platforms and media such as a print, photography, screen printing, and animation
  • Modify text using graphic principles
  • Apply the principles and elements of art and design to create and/or manipulate images for a defined purpose
  • Defend my own work as it relates to the specific message being communicated

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