New Brunswick – Creative Arts 110

Strand: Create

GCO 2: Analyze the interconnectedness of art and culture

Skill Descriptor:

SCO 2.2 Describe how art reflects culture and culture reflects art.

Concepts and content:

Artists are motivated to create for a variety reasons and intentions including:

  • preserving and celebrating culture
  • social commentary
  • filling a ‘need’ (personal, economic, preference)

As society changes, art responds. As art changes, society responds.

Developments in technology impact the development and distribution of art.

Achievement Indicators:

Provide examples of how the arts and artists have a role in influencing and preserving culture.

Deconstruct examples of art for purpose and meaning within a cultural context both historical and contemporary. For example:

  • protest songs
  • political cartoons
  • propaganda

Examine an art form to outline how technology has impacted its development and distribution.

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Strand: Communicate

GCO 4 Create critical responses to forms of art

Skill Descriptor:

SCO 4.1 Evaluate influences on the consumption and dissemination of art

Concepts and Content:

Censorship in the arts and sponsorship of the arts

  • How are they similar/different?

Achievement Indicators:

Describe how media influences art through regulation.

Evaluate the impact of censorship and sponsorship on art.

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Skill Descriptor:

SCO 4.2 Critically analyze a variety of art forms

Concepts and Content:

Subjective vs. objective perspectives

  • The first step in learning about art is to be open to it
  • Suspend prejudice until understanding is achieved
  • The role of values and bias

Active engagement vs. Passive engagement

  • hearing vs. listening
  • looking vs. seeing
  • reading vs. understanding/comprehending

Steps of critical analysis:

  • Description
  • Analysis (includes Context and Meaning)
  • Judgement

Achievement Indicators:

Distinguish elements of various forms.

Differentiate between and give examples of active and passive engagement in the arts.

Differentiate between objective and subjective perspective.

Apply the steps of critical analysis using appropriate language, materials, and structures.

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